Monday, November 22, 2010

From the Archive.

So, there used to be this amazing blog I started with my awesome was supposed to be a secret, but I had a lapse in judgment, and revealed myself...and then in a moment of sheer terror, I deleted the entire thing.  Below are a couple of my posts from the initial blog. 


Haven't I Met You Before?

I was telling a couple man friends this story this past weekend and realized that it may be blogworthy.

One of my more talked about dates has been Justin. His name has not been changed to protect his identity, because his texting skills mimic those of a stalker. This has been a few months ago, like Hockey season, so lets call it Christmas/New Yearsish. Anyway, I'd been chatting with this pictureless dude for a couple days, and finally asked him to send me a pic, not that I'm superficial, but, yes. I am. He asked if he could text me it, because he didn't have any recent pictures on his parent's computer because it was too old. Red flag, yes, but these types of things can be explained away with proper grammar. So he sends me a picture. It's acceptable. But now he's got my phone number and apparently with it comes the confidence to use it whenever he finds the time.

Yes, so this was Christmas 2009 and it was a wretched weather situation going I went home a few days before Christmas and Justin was texting me all kinds of stupid crap that I must have been in the mood to be accepting of...until this winner. I tell him that I'm at my sister's house in the middle of northeastern Iowa for the rest of the week, so our date that was supposed to have happened before the holiday season was going to have to be postponed. He said that was alright, because that's what the Christmas season is all about, and I quote, 'family and God'. Now, I'm not going to for one minute deny my faith in Jesus, my Catholic upbringing, or my current believer status, but this 'relationship' was still very in the 'I haven't met you stages!' and typically people aren't name dropping their religious beliefs at this point. And I'm pretty sure, the following day he sent me a picture of his little dogs, thinking that could possibly impress me...clearly, this idiot does not know me.

Anyway, with all this aside, Christmas passes, and I'm back in Des Moines after a truely blessed Christmas with the family. I must have given in and decided to go out with him shortly after New Years. He's a youth hockey coach, and 'works at a dental office' west of Des Moines. So we agree go to a Bucs at a bar across the street about a half hour before the game...let me point out right now that I thought something was weird about him within 6 minutes of shaking his hand. But we go to the game, and he's telling me about whats going on in the game....which is actually appreciated since I don't typically know anything about this sportsy stuff....but he's talking hockey crap out the side of his mouth, like he's sharing inside secrets that the rest of the drunken crowd shouldn't hear. Whatever....we make small talk....things are getting weirder. I ask him about his job, 'working in a dental office'. I ask him, what do you do in this dental office? He's a dentist, just didn't want to put it in his profile because he didn't want money hungry hoe's after his bank roll. Whatever, dipshit. Things are getting excessively weirder right now, and I'm probably 4 beers into the evening, which is where my acceptance skills kick in and my fight or flight dissappears. We end up going to a bar afterwards (duh). Continue on with the small talk. By the end of the night I'm quizzing him on who he went to school with at Iowa. We have a friend in common. I must have asked him at this point if I had met him before (at least 6 times), and he is vehemently denying my accusations. I conjure up a number of situations in which I may have met him before...I explain each crazy sounding story in detail. Nope, Justin says, I don't think I've met you before.

Well, how about this one....We've gone out before! 1 date, 2005ish, while he was in dental school. I met him at Drink, and we went to a Mexican restaurant out by Jordan Creek Mall. After dinner he wanted to go on a walk around the stupid pond and hold hands. I thought for sure he was gay. But he proceeded to text and call me constantly afterwards, I did not respond to any of his requests back then....but this time was a different beast. I was older, and more experienced in the ways of the world, I vowed to consider giving it a shot.

We say our goodbyes (yes, for the second 1st time) and I tell him that I'll talk to him again soon. It was the booze talking. The next day, I believe he text me 6 times before I was out of my 12:45 massage appointment. I finally responded with a very clear, 'YOUR PERSISTANCE IS ANNOYING THE SHIT OUT OF ME'. And yes, he responded promptly with something painfully desparate. No, we did not go out again...but talk to me again in 2014.

And this is why you should never delete a phone number out of your cell. Crazy people have a way of accidently wandering back into your life. Had I already had his number when I received that fateful first picture, I would have known to fall off the face of Beaverdale waaaay sooner.

Shit....happened :(

So, when things turn out to suck as bad as you were afraid they would.....then what? I just got my fragile little heart broken ;( This doesn't happen very often because I rarely let anyone in close enough to do so...but it happens I guess. My stomach hurts. I feel like i got simultaneously punched in the face and stomach. I cried like a big huge baby, at my favorite bar. Like weeping. It didn't help that I was about 4 hours into a drunken night of ridiculous proportions....when I woke up this morning I bawled some more, and then I told my story a couple times and bawled some more. I feel like a big pile of ass....but now its time to find my smiley face and happy pants. Date more cryin. I wish I were a baseball player.

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