Monday, August 8, 2011

Just another Monday Night

Since my massage was canceled due to Mr. Massage not being in his office tonight, I headed home to maybe get a bike ride in...after some sweet corn and a BLT Gayleen and I headed out. I mentioned once we got our bikes out that I thought I needed some air...after hopping on, Gayleen confirmed that it looked like I was a few pounds low.  We headed to the Kum & Go to air up and be on our way.  I filled my back tire, and moved onto the front.  The more air I tried to put in, the more that came out and the tire just got flatter. We decided that I must have a hole by the stem and started the trek back to the condo, walking our bikes.  We made it back and headed off to Scheels with my bike on my car.

We walk into Scheels and find the tubes, as we're looking thru the dozen different sizes and types, a teenage kid comes up and asks us if we need help. Yes, we need help. He comes out from behind the counter and helps us find the right tubes.  As we walk away, Gayleen asks the tech if he'll do it for us. He says yes and since I have my bike with me, we head out to the parking lot to get the tire.

I'm going to call the bike tech, 'One Dimple' because he had the same one dimple by his eye that I do. I bring the tire in, and he takes us into the back area so I can learn how to maybe do this for myself sometime.  Prying off the tire from the rim looked like a challenge. One Dimple told me to be careful when prying it off because it can be difficult and the tool can slip and you could end up hitting yourself in the face.  I looked at him and go, 'I feel like you know me'. He finishes getting the tire off and removes the tube.  Not sure why, but he filled the used tube back up to find out where the leak was...guess what, it filled up very hole at all.  He said that if it hasn't been changed out in the past 6 months it may need to be replaced anyway.  Not sure why, but I went along with this theory and walked off with 2 new tubes and the $5 cost of One Dimple fixing a tube that wasn't to get a lesson on using that stupid air compressor at Kum & Go. Such a moron. 

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  1. Sounds like Scheels does indeed have the "proffecionals" that they brag about in their TV commercials. Maybe Kum & Go will have someone to show you how to use the air hose:)