Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life Update - September 2011

I've had some requests to update my 15 followers on the crazy happenings of my life recently.  While things have been relatively crazy, nothing has really happened that made me go, I MUST BLOG ABOUT THIS!   For those of you that don't know, the condo that I was supposed to close on back on July 12, has yet to materialize. Yes, I was overly optimistic back in June and posted pics on facebook of me, Gayleen and Dawn breaking and entering to show illegal evidence of my first official happy hour...fate has caught up with me, giving me a harsh reality check and saying, 'this condo is not yours!' My interest rate that was locked in on June 7thish initially expired on August 7, was extended another 60 days, and will expire again on October 7th. At that point there may have to be a decision made on whether or not to extend it again and wait on POS Bank of America to get their shit together, or walk away and start over.  Honestly not sure what I'll do.  As Traci Giles has put it so eloquently, if we're not having a moving party on October 8th, we'll be having a, Moving Val's shit into semi-permanent storage party.  That could be a really good episode of Storage Wars when they open my one month leased storage unit to find a dehydrated Traci and Val show hanging out ill and near death.  Anyway, I digress.  I've been lucky enough to have very comfortable lodging with super tolerant friend Gayleen since the end of July.  I'm just chillin in Waukee, enjoying my very sunny commute every morning, and easy access to the bike trails as often as my schedule and weather permits.  Notable points include, but are not limited to:

1. Losing my cell phone Labor Day weekend to the Mississippi River.  When I was finally able to get back to digital civilization, I realized that mycontactsbackup, one of the best reasons to have US Cellular, had deleted half of my contacts..pretty much anyone that wasn't a stupid ex that I never wanted to talk to again was removed from my contacts.  It was almost as tho a crazy boyfriend went thru my phone and deleted every other guys name, or perhaps I just have too many Ben's, Joe's, Chad's, etc.  That's been fun.

2. I've played 2 games of kickball in our 4 game deep season.  Pulled both quads in game 2 in a less than amazing effort to impress a boy.  That worked, if intense whining and awkward stretching comes across as really hot.  Go me.

3.  I attended my one Iowa Hawkeye game of the year yesterday.  Stayed at Traci's house on Friday night in an effort to not be 'the late one'.  My packing skills on Friday afternoon only proved that I don't have the foresight to pack underwear or socks that fit.  Now I'm that girl. 

Hope all is well, all!  I'll try not to be such a stranger....and for the record, my underwear fit, I just didn't have any, my socks were the ill fitting garment.

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  1. Hope the condo closes soon, Val. I know you would like your own place:)