Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stupid Gym

I make a very concerted effort to not bitch about the gym publicly because I honestly think it's the most annoying thing to read about, but sometimes it gets out of hand and I can't take it anymore.  So if you're equally annoyed by such carrying on, this is your warning to close the window and move on.

Tonight during spin class I'm racing (in place), watching every minute go by slower than the one before it, and on comes what the teacher must have thought would have had a catchy enough beat to keep us pedalling along. Wrong. The only way I can explain it is to make you imagine a Spanish inspired mariachi type tune, set to a techno beat.  Shoot me.  I've walked out of a class before because of horrible music, and I was strongly considering it again.  Of all the songs that you can choose from, you pick this!? Pedaling faster does not make this music go away faster. And it was painfully long...

Additionally, my super long hippie hair is getting really long again. I hope there's a kid out there looking for a wig made of my hair again because my Tony Little ponky tail is tempting me to cut it off in the locker room after each workout. It's not cute at all.  

Also, en route to the gym I heard LeAnn Rimes song, Commitment. Touche' LeAnn.  Nice work out of you.  That is obviously what you were looking for.

And then, on the way home, I heard She Thinks all the Good Ones are Gone by Pam Tillis - talk about a song to put you on the edge of a cliff!  I actually laughed hysterically thinking back to Grandma crying about me not having a picture of my husband and kids at Christmas...but really, it's a horrible song. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a 'real life ' (read: realistic not rom com happy ending) ending just as much as the next cynical biotch, but that one is a real humdinger. 

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