Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is how you make 300 Cupcakes and a sweet display

Step 1: We can have lots of fun. (NKOTB).  Jk....

For reals, Traci made a few dozen decorated cupcakes for Kayla's shower, and after a few days of talking about how fun it would be to make them by the hundred instead of dozen, we volunteered to become quasi professional bakers for a day and 'do' her wedding.  After a month of freaking out over not finding the right recipe - we weren't using boxes, people! - we finally decided on 3, all modified from Martha, baker blogs, and other miscellaneous websites we were scouring.  Lemon with Lemon Cream Cheese Buttercream, Chocolate with Buttercream, and my accidental last minute modified Pina Colada with Fluffy White and Toasted Coconut.  The details about my modification will come later.

Our baking expeditions usually came after a night of this...

Anyway, now that you have the idea of the professionals you're dealing with, enter Traci with the power tools and ideas.

Starting the Display.

And now for the baking...someone named me might be trying to hide the fact that she may or may not be wearing a bra while baking at 7:50 a.m. on a Friday off from work, judge if you must.



And after a nice, coffee fueled 2+ hour drive on Saturday, we made it to Forest City to begin the set up and icing!


The Finished Product!


  1. Nice work girls!!

  2. Noticed the "apron" too, Val:)

  3. I figured you would, Deb :) I have more pics of me wearing it...but uploading pics to this thing was a pain, as you can tell they're not organized very well. It washed up quite nice too, which was a plus, because I was pretty rough on it. I know why Alvin's mom's aprons were so beaten up!

  4. Better to be worn out from too much use, than laying in a bag somewhere....never worn:)

  5. Nice work girls! Clearly, quite a bit of work! And Alleluia to the "10" things not to ask a single person. #1 on my list is "when are you going to have kids" It must be written somewhere, every female must bear a child by the age of 26 or else..... every weekend you are either going to be asked if your pregnant or when your going to start having kids!