Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Neighbor,

You know how you've been trying to pimp out your kid for the past 4 years on the grounds that he's finally mastered mowing your lawn in less than 8 hours, so now he's ready to make some $ doing the rest of the neighborhood, I've got a better idea.

Because you see, with the exception of our nearly blind neighbor Phyllis, we're all willing and able participants in the one mow a week club, and it only takes me 35 minutes.  Soooo, rather than listen to the mower run for a constant 12 hours every Saturday, I've decided that it's in the best interest of my sanity to continue mowing my own yard....but, have you noticed the snow piling up?  Summer isn't the only season that people make money.  There are 2 less than willing snow shovelers living in this house, but I haven't seen you over here pedalling your services at all.  Kid gets out of school 2 hours before I can even think of putting my coat on or starting my drive about I donate to his laptop, hookers, blow, (etc.) fund and he shovels my damn driveway so Danger doesn't have to nearly kill herself pulling the trash can up the about that?  $20. 



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