Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gettin Crafty In Hrrrr

Task list for the last 10 days before Christmas:

1. Start shopping

So that hasn't started, but I'll share with you what I've done.  The day after Thanksgiving I purchased myself a new flip video camera, a garment steamer, ipod speakers, ipod alarm clock radio, and a present from my dad to my sister.  Not looking so good, huh?

So today after I drank my lunch, I went back to work for an hour and then decided to run some errands. I had to run by Davids Bridal to pick up my bridesmaids dress for BFF Jamie's wedding in April, so while I was in the hood, I thought I'd skip thru JoAnn's Fabrics next door to get my craft on.  I had decided about 30 minutes earlier that instead of trying to come up with little friend/boss/colleague gifts of coffee shop gift cards, random ornaments, or candles, I'd put my thinking cap on and make some gifts from the <3...and these gifts won't  help you gain the average holiday 8 lbs.  Knowing I was in foreign territory, I text roommate and craft extraordinaire, Traci...conversation went like this:

Me: I'm at JoAnn fabrics by myself. This wasn't a very good idea.
Traci: What are you doing? you shouldn't go in without a seasoned crafter.
Me: Noted

20 minutes later, I wander out of JoAnns with $60 worth of ribbon and yarn. 3 hours later, my back hurts. I'm not going to expose what I've created for fear that one of my 7 readers may be the eventual receiver of my crafts.  Happy Honda Days, friends!

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