Sunday, December 26, 2010

While I was out...

Adding to the blog list of really weird messages I get from online dating sites will be this gem.  While I was off in NEIowa getting my Christmas on, I received these messages:

you are hot

Oh, wow! Thanks!  I feel like if I was really down on myself, I may respond to this one...we'd have a whirlwind romance that would start with me asking if he meant, 'sweaty hot' or 'boner hot'.  He'd pick me up for our first date, knock me out with a club, throw me over his shoulder, and kidnap me.

2nd notable email missed whilest not checking messages:

wow you are seriously no bullsh*t the most beautiful woman i have EVER seen in my ENTIRE life ..why in the hell are you on a dating site? you are like "OMFG HOTT" i cant stop staring at your pics lol... i would LOOOOOVE to get to know you...may i text u?

No. You may not.  This one for serious blows me away.  How could I have known I'd have such an impact wearing a sombrero...I'm a little queezy with the idea that my picture is now stuck to the bathroom floor in some sketchy apartment somewhere....overkill.

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