Thursday, December 2, 2010

Weight Watchers is stupid

A couple of years ago, I stumbled on the fact that nutritionally, Busch Light was the healthiest alternative of most light beers (Miller Lite, Bud Light, Mich Ultra, etc.) because even tho others may tout that they are low carb, Anheuser Busch in their infinite wisdom has saved their marketing dollars and left it up to intelligent Hagemans like myself to figure it out on their own.  

Back to the topic at hand, weight watchers just changed their points system, which appears to be a move to encourage healthier choices.  After a brief investigation, I've found that most foods have gone up in points, fruits and vegetables pretty much =0, but everything else is more.  Most beers mentioned above were previously 2 points, now they're 4...except Busch Light, it's only 3!  I will cheat the system after all!  You see, I go with my own system.  I work out, and don't eat more than I'm supposed to, then I take my 49 point slush fund (the wiggle room) and don't worry about my weekend activities.  They thought they'd hold me to 12.25 discretionary drinks, but no...choosing the healthier Busch Light option, I get 16.33. I will make it thru the holiday season after all!

Not to mention, I just had a wretched lunch of Healthy Choice Turkey Marsala...= 6 points.  Not satisfying at all.  But 20 minutes before lunch, I had 2 Andes Candies cookies = 5 points....I should have just had 4 cookies instead and saved myself the 6 minutes of microwave electricity used. 

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