Friday, December 3, 2010

I Feel Good About Junk

Another recycled blog post...originally from August of 2009, I was apparently watching a lot of reality tv at the time....

Oh, reality shows...So I tried watching More to Love last night while I was at the gym...fortunately for me the closed captioning wasn't working, so I changed the channel...farrrr too many bawling girls. Why do girls on reality shows cry constantly? No wonder they're freaking single. Who wants to deal with an emotional wreck all the time?! The reality show tear wipe away goes a little like this, fingers splayed apart, hands out in front of them, fanning the tears if this pose makes them look less desperate. When the Rock of Love girls break down into a tear-soaked mess, they've got 3 ounces of eyeliner and a pool of lip gloss adding up under their faces. WAH!

Then we've got Megan wants a Millionaire. What a fantastic idea. Unfortunately for me, I feel as tho I've dedicated a number of years of my life to her stupidity. First she showed up on Ashton Kutcher's social experiment, Beauty and the Geek...pretty sure she didn't learn anything there, so she moved onto Rock of Love with Bret Micheals (who, btw hasn't managed to find his 'rock of love' yet, I believe season 4 starts soon), and then to I Love Money on VH1. Combine Megan's love of the spotlight, money, and men....clearly she deserves her own show dedicated to her Sugar Daddy needing ways. The best part about this show is that it doesn't in any way disguise it's appalling goal. Find money-hungry Megan someone who is moderate to severely handicapped in the ways of finding girls the old fashioned way and happens to be worth millions of dollars. She doesn't give a shit if they're so gay their clothes are on fire, as long as there's a pile of money in their Gucci shoes, she's all in, unless, I suppose someone with half a brain cell suggests one of these ding dongs get a pre-nup.

And then someone has the sense to post on his facebook status this morning....a wise man once told me to treat girls like dirt, and they'll stick to you like mud....touche', my friend. Touche'.

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