Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thoughts of the day...

12: 27 p.m....ALL I WANT IS A GUY THAT WILL PUT AIR IN MY TIRES AND WATCH CRIMINAL MINDS WITH ME!  This meltdown came after I broke a nail trying to unscrew the cap off the stem on my tire.  My fingers were freezing and I gave up....right after I told my aunt that I wasn't an idiot, I could put air in my tires.  Annoyed, I went back to the office, stole the receptionist's needle nose pliers and drove myself to the 2nd Casey's of the day, and put more than the recommended amount of air into said'll probably be low again tomorrow.

5:45 p.m....Walk into spin class.  There's a different teacher and an odd group of dudes in there tonight.  Whatever, I'm here, I'll ride it out.  Until about 10 minutes in I'm overwhelmed with the unacceptable stench of BO.  Not to mention the playlist was Celine Dion on crack, horrible.  So I got off my bike and walked out...back to the treadmill.

6:45 p.m....on my way home and staaaaarrrrrrving.

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